Hollywood now embracing Christian films, says 'God's Not Dead' star Kevin Sorbo

Hollywood is now starting to welcome Christian films because of their improved quality, "God's Not Dead" star Kevin Sorbo observed.

(YouTube/GodsNotDeadTheMovie)A screengrab from the official trailer of Pure Flix faith-based film "God's Not Dead."

In the last couple of decades, Christian films have been delivering messages without much thought of the way the message was being delivered. But now, "God's Not Dead" actor Kevin Sorbo says the faith-based films' improved acting and production have opened their doors to a wider audience in Hollywood, One News Now reports.

In an interview with The Gospel Herald, Sorbo, who played Professor Radisson in "God's Not Dead," looked back at the faith-based movies released in the last three decades. He said another reason why people were turned off by those movies was because they were "too preachy." The actor explained that most movie-goers want to feel entertained and not targeted for their lack of faith.

Sorbo also pointed out that Christians nowadays are not as timid about their faith as they were before, even amid all the criticism being thrown their way.

"More people are coming out and not being afraid to say they're Christian," said Sorbo, as quoted by One News Now. "I don't know why in Hollywood you have to be afraid to say you're a Christian, but there's a lot of bashing of Christians going on over the last decade," he added.

For Sorbo, Hollywood is now starting to realize that there is a place for faith-based material in the movie industry. The "God's Not Dead" star expressed his delight at what is happening right now.

Another proof of the rise of faith-based films in Hollywood is "Miracles from Heaven," which was released by Sony Pictures and earned more than US$50 million on a US$13 million budget.

ComScore senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian echoes Sorbo's thoughts. He said such films now have an audience that has long been "marginalized," NBC News relays.

The rise of Christian films appears to be just starting. Affirm Films senior vice president Rich Peluso predicts that there will be more faith-based labels coming to Hollywood. While there used to be only a couple of such movies every year, one or two are now being released every month as more people are looking for a kind of entertainment that carries a touching message and is family-friendly.