Google Home scraps religious references over 'anti-Jesus' controversy

Google Home has scrapped its answers to questions about religious figures after a recent controversy emerged over a Facebook video in which a device was able to give detailed answers on Allah and Buddha but fumbled on one about Jesus Christ.

(REUTERS / Beck Diefenbach)Google Home is displayed during the presentation of new Google hardware in San Francisco, California, U.S. October 4, 2016.

Last week, Facebook user Jillian Blackwell uploaded a video where she asked her Google Home device for information on certain religious figures. The video stirred anger among Christians in the U.S. as the device apologized for not knowing how to handle a question on who was Jesus Christ, Newshub detailed.

Another Facebook video by author David Sams showed him trying what Blackwell did and getting an almost identical response. He called on Google to reprogram its Google Home devices to make them more "Jesus-friendly" and asked if somebody at the company had anything against Jesus or God.

Fox News soon ran a story on the issue. Afterwards, Google announced that it would scrap its answers to questions about all major religious figures. The company explained that they wanted to "ensure respect," thus the response on who Jesus was.

"Some of the Assistant's spoken responses come from the web, and for certain topics, this content can be more vulnerable to vandalism and spam. If our systems detect such circumstances, the Assistant might not reply. If similar vulnerabilities were detected for other questions - including those about other religious leaders - the Assistant also wouldn't respond," said Google in a statement. "We're exploring different solutions and temporarily disabling these responses for religious figures on the Assistant."

Meanwhile, some people said Amazon's Alexa devices offer an answer for the question on Jesus' identity and have posted it on YouTube. Siri, on the other hand, will lead users to websites containing details about Jesus Christ, The Kansas City Star reported.

However, there are times when Siri would recommend posting spiritual questions to a "more qualified" human when an iPhone user simply says, "Jesus." The Google assistant on mobile phones have also been reported to give a list of related websites when asked about who Jesus Christ is.