'GTA 6' release date news 2016: Rumors bring game back to the U.S.; Jacksonville to be main location of game

Despite the fact that Rockstar Games hasn't spoken a word about a sequel to the "Grand Theft Auto 5," the fifth video game installation in its popular open world action-adventure video gaming franchise, rumors about "Grand Theft Auto 6" have been flying left and right for the past few months.

(Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V/Official Website)Grand Theft Auto V

The rumors range from probable speculation to downright outrageous with a few indicating that the rumored sequel to "Grand Theft Auto 5" would host a futuristic setting. This time, it seems like the mill has turned a different tune with rumors indicating a new location for "GTA 6."

Rumors regarding the setting of the speculated "GTA 6" video game have been flying all over the place, with many indicating that the "GTA 5" sequel could take the franchise to places outside of the U.S. like Japan and London.

This time, according to a report by iTech Post, the rumors are taking "GTA 6" back to the U.S., with reports indicating that Jacksonville, Florida, would be one of the locations Rockstar would consider for the new game.

Some believe that if Jacksonville would be officially chosen as the new setting for "GTA 6," this could give gamers some of the best maps in the franchise considering the fact that a crime-filled setting would work best for a crime-themed game.

However, one of the cons of choosing Jacksonville if the studio ever does choose it, is the location's lack of popular landmarks and variation in landscape.

With Jacksonville's flaws, others also hope that "GTA 6" could feature San Diego as its main location. A few keen gamers believe that San Diego would make a good spot for the upcoming "GTA 5" sequel since the location has a lot of industrial and natural items that could spice up the game.

"GTA 6" is rumored to see release sometime between 2018 and 2020.