'Here's My Heart' documentary chronicles former LGBT individuals' journey to Christianity

An upcoming documentary titled "Here's My Heart," which aims to respond to people who say there is "no cure" for homosexuality, will chronicle the journey of a handful of former LGBT individuals to Christianity and heterosexuality.

(REUTERS / Marko Djurica)A participant dances in front of a rainbow flag during an annual LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) pride parade in Belgrade, Serbia September 17, 2017.

Speaking to The Activist Mommy about the documentary, author MJ Nixon revealed that she had also struggled with same-sex attraction but had a change in heart after she put her faith in Jesus. She wants "Here's My Heart" to be a witness to Christ's power and an instrument that can be used to teach people how to minister respectfully to members of the LGBT community and to those who claim that homosexuality is not a sin, The Christian Post relayed.

"The Lord started showing me all these people that I knew in the different groups and communities that I've been a part of in the last six years since I've been saved," Nixon told The Activist Mommy. "All these men and women who have powerful testimonies of only the power of God being able to set them free from being transgender, being bisexual, being homosexual."

Kaya Brown, 22, is one of those featured in "Here's My Heart." She lived as a homosexual for a decade but was confused with her gender until she encountered Jesus. Brooklyn Wojo, a lesbian from age 12 and a transgender starting at 18, turned straight after she became a born-again Christian.

Ieacha Lusk, a lesbian for 19 years, overcame her desire for women in 2015 through the power of God. Davon Johnson, on the other hand, fell into the habit of drinking, clubbing, and having casual gay sex but later became a husband and a minister after he surrendered his life to Jesus.

NFL player Roy Simmons is one of the high-profile Christians who spoke about his former gay lifestyle. In 1992, he appeared on The Phil Donahue Show and narrated how he embraced a life of gay sex, prostitution, and drugs after his football career took a nosedive, The Christian Broadcasting Network reported.

During his troubled years, Simmons was ashamed to face God because he thought the Lord would not accept him. However, a positive HIV diagnosis pushed him to undergo a spiritual cleanse which led to a relationship with Jesus Christ. God also gave him another shot at life, and he later got baptized and became devoted to purity and service to the Lord.