How ISIS bride left Syria to live Christian life in Texas

A British Muslim woman who once dreamt of becoming a suicide bomber and married an Islamic State jihadist has traded her life in Syria for a quieter one in Texas, U.S.A, where she and her four children now attend a Unitarian church and have adjusted to their new environment.

(REUTERS / Alaa Al-Marjani)Iraqi security forces and Shi'ite paramilitary fighters hold an Islamist State flag, which they pulled down in Tikrit, March 31, 2015.

Tania Georgelas, a native-born Muslim in London, married her husband John and built a life together with the ambition of becoming a family of jihadists. In 2013, they traveled with their children to Syria to join ISIS but she changed her mind after a few weeks there and decided to escape. She and the children live instead with John's wealthy Christian parents in Plano, Texas, The Atlantic detailed.

Leaving Syria, Tania and her children arrived in Istanbul, Turkey, via a barbed-wire fence. John's parents later brought them back to Texas, where their lives were remarkably transformed.

While John left his family and affluence in Texas to live out his jihadist dream in the Middle East, Tania left jihad for her new life in America. She eventually obtained a divorce, started attending a Unitarian church and became a Texas woman. Right now, she is enjoying her life with her new boyfriend Craig.

While speaking to The Atlantic, Tania did not endorse violence or express serious regret for exiting Syria and parting ways with her jihadist husband. However, she once mentioned that she thought the Shia were "not really Muslim" and lamented the bombing of ISIS followers who "just want to live under a caliphate."

Meanwhile, a 43-year-old disability pensioner in Melbourne, Australia, named Isa Kocoglu was charged last month for funneling money to John, who has taken the name Yahya al-Bahrumi. Federal agent Rhys Hart told the court that the pensioner was believed to have given $4,000 to ISIS via Bahrumi, the Brisbane Times reported.

Bahrumi, on the other hand, was believed to have been smuggled by ISIS out of Syria for medical treatment in Turkey in April 2014. He later on returned to the country to continue the fight.