Pangu iOS 9.3.2 release date news update: Pangu to launch tool soon; team recently demonstrated iOS 10 jailbreak

Members of the jailbreak community have been practicing their patience for a long time waiting for the most recent jailbreak tool. With the recent reports that the iOS 9.3.2 will soon be launched, every user is, yet again, keeping his or her hopes high with the unconfirmed promise.

Pangu, a jailbreak team based in China, emerged once again with the news that they may be coming out with the much awaited iOS 9.3.2 tool soon. However, according to NeuroGadget, the team has yet to declared anything as of the moment.

Promotional photo of what iOS 9.3 boasts | Apple/iOS 9.3

News about the possibility of a iOS 9.3.2 tool came when Pangu introduced their iOS 10 jailbreak at the Mobile Security Conference in China. The team showcased how they were able to jailbreak the upcoming iOS using the beta 1 version.

Presenting several photos showing the app Cydia, their mechanism appears to have been really able to jailbreak the iOS 10. This also sparked a rumor that the team will no longer develop a tool for the current iOS versions since iOS 10 is already on the way.

Despite this, many are still hopeful that they could come up with a solution for iOS 9.3.2 as well. Though the team did not confirm anything about the tool, they did mention during the event iOS 9.3.2's privacy bugs.

Other news claim that the team may be planning to jump to the iOS 9.3.3 tool. This is due to the same privacy and bug problems seen in the 9.3.2's operating system. The anticipated iOS 9.3.3 is currently undergoing beta testing and will be released in due time.

Since all recent and upcoming iOS's have no jailbreak tool announced, this should prompt the jailbreak community to wait a little longer. The last jailbreak tool was for iOS 9.1 and most users have already upgraded their operating systems to the latest version.

Unfortunately, there is no way to downgrade from the latest version, so those who are now in their latest iOS should simply have to wait for further updates.

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