Iraqi Christian mother reunites with young daughter freed from ISIS after three years

An Iraqi Christian mother was finally reunited with her 6-year-old daughter on June 9, three years after the Islamic State snatched the small girl away from her while they were in Qaraqosh.

(REUTERS / Erik De Castro)Iraqi Christina Ezzo Abada, a former hostage of Islamic State militants for three years, smiles next to her parents during an interview with Reuters inside a cramped home at a refugee camp in Erbil, Iraq June 10, 2017.

On June 10, Aida Nuh said the best day of her life was the day that daughter Christina was finally returned from her. The little girl was abducted by ISIS militants when she was just a 3-year-old, and now, she is once again learning to get accustomed to saying "mum" and "dad," Reuters reported.

"She stayed three years with the terrorists," said Nuh. "Of course she forgot who her mother is, who her father is, that we are her family, but she will learn again."

When ISIS took over the town of Qaraqosh in August 2014, the militants also kidnapped thousands of people from the religious minority including Christina. The girl's mother spent the last few years trying to track her daughter, and her efforts finally paid off on June 9, when her Arab friends received information that Christina was spotted in Hayy al-Tanak in Mosul.

Christina's blind father Khader Touma said they went to a dirty section of Hayy el-Tanak to retrieve their daughter. Now that they are complete, the family is hoping to move to another country to leave behind the horrible memories of the past couple of years.

While waiting for the opportunity to emigrate, Christina's family is staying in a crowded cabin in a refugee camp of Ankawa in Erbil.

Christina is happy that she has now been reunited with her family, but others are not as lucky. A TV documentary titled "The Lost Children of the Caliphate" revealed how ISIS had brainwashed children as young as 5 years old into executing people. Three siblings ages 5, 9, and 11 described how they chopped off the limbs of a prisoner after an ISIS militant threatened to separate them from their mother and kill them, the Mirror reported.

The three siblings, who are currently staying at a refugee camp in north Iraq after escaping from ISIS in Mosul, were traumatized by their experience of being executioners. There are other children who were indoctrinated and trained to use weapons.

ISIS is reportedly using children, who are afraid to flee Mosul as their frontliners and suicide bombers. Iraqi troops confirmed this information and shared that they have encountered children during their offensive against Mosul.