Is it okay for Christians to get angry? Christian authors weigh in

Getting angry is not entirely a sin, and it can sometimes serve an important purpose. However, some forms of anger are actually a sin and can cause people to commit evil acts, according to leading Christian authors.

(CHRISTIAN DAILY / Lorraine Caballero)A New International Version of the Christian Bible is seen opened to a page showing the highlighted verse Proverbs 29:11 in this photo taken in Davao City, Philippines. Oct. 16, 2017.

In an entry on her website, charismatic Christian author and speaker Joyce Meyer explained that God also feels anger toward sin, rebellion, and injustice. She said Christians can also feel angry but they must deal with that emotion in a godly manner since things take a wrong turn when their anger leads them to commit bad things, The Christian Post relayed.

Meyer warned Christians against allowing anger to carry them away into sin or even ignoring the feeling because it can pose a threat to their health. She said one must ask the Holy Spirit for help in processing anger so that there will be closure.

Jon Bloom of Desiring God, on the other hand, reminded Christians that they must always remember to reject "anger, wrath and malice" so that they will not be liable for judgment. He said the only acceptable kind of anger is righteous anger, which is being angry over things that mar God's holiness and goodness.

Meanwhile, Jack Zavada of Thought Co. said getting angry was a temptation to commit a sin and one must not allow it. Proverbs 29:11 says a fool gives in totally to his anger but a wise person keeps his emotions in check.

Most of the things that lead to anger are merely irritants that pile up and eventually explode, Zavada continued. To prevent this from happening, a person must learn to "be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him," as Psalm 37:7 says.

Moreover, Zavada said Christians must resist the urge to take revenge even when someone deliberately provokes them. He said believers must always be under the control of the Holy Spirit so that their sinful nature does not take over, especially in times when they are tempted by anger.