Muslim leader stopped in plot to kill Christians after seeing vision of Jesus; Becomes evangelist preaching the Gospel

A white dove perches near a cross atop a church in Telkaif near Mosul, in the province of Nineveh, July 20, 2014. | REUTERS / Stringer

An Islamic leader became an evangelist and ended a plot to forcibly convert or kill Christians in the Middle East after Jesus reportedly appeared to him.

Al-Rashid used to head an Islamic group that aimed to make all nations subject to Islamic rule. When he heard about how a pastor named Paul converted to Christianity and preached the gospel to Muslims in the Middle East, Asia, and other countries, he hatched a plan to kill the pastor's family, according to Assist News.

In addition, Al-Rashid's team planned to take Pastor Paul and force him to return to Islam and become their instrument against Christianity. The Islamic group launched several attacks against the Christian family, but they were able to escape.

At one time, Al-Rashid found out that Pastor Paul's family did not eat sufficiently, so he sent a woman to bring poisoned food to them. A dog bit the first woman, but the second woman he sent was able to bring poisoned chocolate for the kids. The pastor's daughter was the only one who fell ill.

"I was watching with two others from an ambulance near the hospital to see his daughter's death. Our plan was to kidnap the dead body along with his family in our ambulance," said Al-Rashid. "I saw a ball of light came down from the sky and stand over the room where his daughter was lying unconscious."

Al-Rashid saw a hand come out of the ball of light and touch the sick girl, who instantly regained her consciousness. What really caught the Islamic leader's attention was the hole in the middle of the hand and the blood coming out of it. At that time, he fell down in fear and his friends had to move him away from the place.

After what happened, Al-Rashid had difficulty sleeping because the hand frequently entered his thoughts. The following night, he saw a shadow of a human face with the hand and a voice asked him why Rashid was "nailing him." He turned to the Bible and realized that he was talking to Jesus. After that, he went to Pastor Paul to tell him everything that had happened. Later on, Al-Rashid became an active Christian evangelist and is helping distribute Bibles in the Middle East.

Last year, The Christian Post told the story of an Islamic State militant who also embraced Christianity after dreaming of a man in white who rebuked him for killing Christians. The dream compelled the former Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighter to read the Bible and follow Jesus Christ later on.

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