ISIS victim Kayla Mueller defended Christian faith to 'Jihadi John' despite torture and abuse during captivity

American hostage Kayla Mueller had defended her Christian faith to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) executioner "Jihadi John" and thought about the other prisoners' welfare despite the torture and abuse she suffered at the hands of the militants, her fellow captives have recently revealed.

Eric Mueller reads a poem about his late sister aid worker Kayla Mueller at the Prescott's Courthouse Square in Prescott, Arizona, February 18, 2015. | Reuters/Deanna Dent

For the first time, Kayla Mueller's fellow captives spoke publicly about their time in ISIS captivity for "The Girl Left Behind" of ABC News. They shared how the 25-year-old humanitarian aid worker's courage and selflessness inspired them.

Mueller had reportedly endured verbal and sexual abuse, torture, and slave-labor while being held hostage by ISIS militants. Despite her extreme suffering, her fellow captives said she never lost hope and was courageous enough to assert that she had not converted to Islam despite the militants' insistence.

Three Westerners and a Yazidi teenager have also testified to Mueller's selflessness and will to survive.

"They would scream at her, and they would, you know, blame her for everything that America has done in the world," said Frida Saide from Doctors Without Borders, who stayed in the same cell with Mueller.

Army Delta Force commandos had attempted to rescue Mueller and other American hostages in Raqqa in July last year. Although they killed several ISIS militants in a clash, they were unable to find the hostages, NBC News reported last year.

Unfortunately, Mueller died in captivity, her family and the White House confirmed last year. ISIS claimed that she was killed in an airstrike in Syria, but U.S. officials have not confirmed the cause and exact date of her death. They only told NBC that they had authenticated a message from her captors about her death.

In an unpublished letter to her loved ones that her family released, Mueller vowed not to break down and give in to ISIS no matter how long the ordeal dragged on. Kayla Mueller said she knew that her family would have wanted her to remain strong, and said that was exactly what she was doing.

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