Koran does not protect Christians from ISIS, historian says

The Koran offers no protection to Christians who face the risk of being killed by Islamic State (ISIS) fighters who justify their atrocities in the Middle East though radical interpretation of their faith, according to London-based historian Tom Holland.

A Palestinian girl reads the Quran during Ramadan at a mosque in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on June 8, 2016. | Reuters/Aba Mustafa

The historian, who specializes in classical and medieval history, noted that ISIS' approach to non-Muslims has changed radically in the last few months. Holland explained that while the militants used to consider believers as merely "people of the book" who do not deserve the worst punishments for their religion, they now view Christians as pagans, the Express details.

In a column published in The Times, Holland highlighted that Christians were merely entitled to pay tax to Muslims and acknowledge that they are inferior in order to practice their faith. Because of the recent changes, Christians now face the danger of being exterminated in the same way that believers and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria suffered.

"After all, if Christians are no longer to be defined as a People of the Book, but as pagans, then why should they be any the less protected from the sanguinary zeal of Isis than Yazidis have been?" asked Holland in his column. "Christians everywhere should consider themselves warned."

Meanwhile, ISIS recently released a new kill list that contains the names of 15,000 American Christians. The release of the said list comes after the jihadist group warned Christians in America and Britain that "they were next," Charisma News reports.

In addition, the terror group urged lone wolves and its supporters in New York, Texas, California, and Florida to kill the people in the list. However, Circa News says the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) did not tell the involved American Christians that they are included in the latest ISIS kill list. The said list of targeted Christians is believed to have been created from an online search of church directories.

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