Korean Christians angered after 'nude mansion' beside saint's birthplace reopens

A "nude mansion" situated right next to a Christian saint's birthplace in Jecheon in South Korea's North Chungcheong Province has reopened, sparking anger from residents who found the place offensive and un-Christian.

(WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / Steve46814)SBS Jecheon setting at the Cheongpung Cultural Properties Complex recreates a Korean folk village used in several TV mini-series. 18 October 2007.

Most of the residents in Jecheon attend a Catholic church near the nude mansion, and many of them think that the place is provocative. Aside from that, the controversial place is located right next to St. John Baptist Nam Chong-sam's birthplace, Korea Times detailed.

Passersby have spotted the mansion's guests engaging in outdoor activities such as tennis without any clothes on. One resident complained that the nudists are visible from the mountains.

"Whenever I go to pick herbs or hike the back mountains, I can see the nudists at their mansion," the resident shared. "I can't just close my eyes whenever I go to the mountains, can I?"

Park, an elderly resident, conveyed his frustration over the reopening of the nudist villa. He said he could no longer live in the place because the weekend visits of nudists were stirring up their peaceful town, Koreabizwire reported.

Most of the residents in Jecheon are in their 60s and 70s and are opposed to nudism. They have put up a banner in the middle of the town asking the group to leave.

The mansion's operator, on the other hand, said nudism is "not a matter up for discussion" and that the freedom to be naked "should be respected" as long as they are not doing anything illegal. Residents have asked the police to inspect the place, but the latter did not find anything unlawful.

The nudist group also thinks that the anger of the residents is unfounded. A member pointed out that the mansion sits on a piece of private property which is far from the town.

Nevertheless, residents want the nude mansion to be closed permanently and will continue holding protests near the place. The mansion was constructed in 2009 but was shut down that year due to complaints from the residents. It has recently reopened and serves as a place where its guests can enjoy things and activities without having to have their clothes on.