Learning to communicate with the media helps to create strategies for extensive media coverage


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Getting noticed is the topmost agenda for professionals and business organizations. For effective product launches that receive extensive and positive media coverage to enhance your company reputation, you not only need good PR skills but also know how to communicate effectively with the media.

The art of dealing with media is special and much important today because journalists perform the PR functions just like PR professionals. Interestingly, the number of journalists is much more than PR professionals and outnumbers them by almost five times. To stand out from the crowd in the information-saturated world that we live in today, you must acquire the skills and expertise in managing the media well so that you can get the desired coverage for your brand or company.

Gaining the attention of the media and press might not be that difficult but obtaining media coverage is not easy. By just pitching for media coverage and waiting for things to happen on its own does not work. Careful planning and hard work are behind any successful media publicity. You have to learn the art of communication from a company like Media Works that trains professionals and executives to acquire the right communication skills necessary to gain favors from the media. It would help to derive the required media coverage for your organization that enhances the brand value and reputation.

Creating the right communication strategies should help to place your company at the center of media coverage. How you can set about in shaping the strategy is the topic of discussion of this article.

Tell a story about your company

People love to listen to stories, and the fundamentals about communication revolve around the story about your company through which you can gain media attention and coverage. The story should not only be attractive to the audience you target but also to the media's audience. Only when the press finds enough selling points in the story for its audience that it would be interested to spread it far and wide and in the process, you gain the coverage that you are looking for. The concept is the same for startups to celebrities because you have to please the media with something that its audience enjoys. When the press accepts your story, it will receive enough coverage that exposes your company to a larger audience.

An amazing story of your company will help to create a distinctive identity for your business as others would be able to distinguish it quickly from the crowd. The trick is to present the news in the form of an irresistible story for the press so that it keeps spreading fast.

Set clear and achievable goals

Create goals for communication by keeping the business goals in mind. The goals have to be clear, and even if it seems stretched, it should be reasonable so that you find encouragement in achieving it. The objectives should have a good connection with the bigger goals of business so that it could help to achieve those. Creating brand awareness by targeting popular media channels and publication could be a goal that you can set. You can even consider alerting potential customers about new product launch by seeking coverage across the media that the target customers prefer as one of your communication objectives.

The objectives become the guide rail as you can know at a glance if you are moving in the right direction. What adjustments may be necessary for the strategy will also become clear as you progress with the campaign. Select the publications, media, and journalists who you would like to cover your organization and choose outlets that help to achieve your goals for extended coverage.

Build relationships with media persons

Even before you approach the media, you should create a strategy for building relationships with journalists and media persons first so that you can benefit from it when you need them to cover your company. In essence, press or media coverage consists of seeking favor from newscasters to uphold your company with particular interest. Since seeking support from strangers would not give the desired results, it is better to make friends with journalists and media persons so that you can influence them to take up your cause. The better rapport you have with them, the easier it will be to gain coverage just because they already know you. Engaging with them even before you need them is an excellent way to lay the foundation for increasing press coverage. Keep track of the people who matter to you and be in touch with them either locally or on the social media.

Build the perfect pitch

Business achievements are exciting for entrepreneurs because it creates news that can help to gain wide coverage for their brand or organization. While the news might be thrilling for business owners, it needs to be stimulating for the news media too, and the story must have something that they find exciting. By looking at the piece of news, try to envisage if it could create a catchy headline that attracts your customers. This approach will help to create a pitch that would draw the attention of writers to use the story for their benefit too. The relationship that you develop with the media community comes in handy as you could learn how to create a pitch that writers and journalists like.

Winding it up

Having found the right pitch, it is now time to close the deal with writers, but you have to be very careful in keeping your aggressiveness under check. The approach should never be to prevail upon the writer aggressively to compel them to write the story but to persuade them craftily to do it for you by just confirming your interest. Give them some time to react and follow up after at least a day or maybe two, three days.

If you get an affirmative response, it should make you happy and even if you encounter an adverse reaction, learn from the mistakes to make use of future opportunities.