'Legend of Zelda' Wii U release date news 2016: Female Link avatar rumored; players will be able to switch genders

Expected to be released this year, "The Legend of Zelda" Wii U is rumored to feature a female Link avatar. This sparked several reactions from enthusiasts.

A screenshot from "The Legend of Zelda" trailer at E3 2016. | IGN YouTube/Nintendo

Design & Trend wrote that Nintendo has been featuring gender-neutral character avatars, especially in the "Fire Emblem" series and it did hit the fans' interest. However, the inclusion of a female avatar in the upcoming game for Wii U may be accepted differently.

The publication noted that the rumored inclusion will defeat the purpose of gender-neutral character avatars seen in the game. The character may also be possibly designed as an unintelligent version of its male counterpart.

This assumption was based on Linkle of the "Hyrule Warriors Legends," where her character lacks strength despite owning a map and compass.

Other reactions were about the sexuality of the female Link, which may go against the "family-friend" atmosphere Nintendo has maintained, as well as the major changes the storyline may have when a female avatar is added.

However, according to Tech Times, it is reasonable for Nintendo to add the female Link as it offers a choice for players. Link is, after all, a discrete protagonist to begin with so swapping genders will not majorly affect the game itself, considering the fact that Link practically changes in every Zelda version as well.

Not only is the female Link rumored to be included in the upcoming "The Legends of Zelda" for Wii U, but the game is also tattled to feature voice acting for most of the characters in the game, except Link.

This was tweeted by Emily Rogers, a leaker known to divulge various information about Nintendo games before they come out.

She tweeted, "Rumor #3: There is voice acting for most of the characters...except Link."

If this is true, the media believes that it will definitely bring a positive revamp to the already loved game. The game already has "voices," but only in the form of sounds or keywords. A fully-voice acted cast is believed to bring better entertainment.

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