LGBT activists release 'shame list' of Christian colleges they claim discriminate

A lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) activist group has released a "shame list" of Christian colleges and universities that applied for a religious exemption to Title IX regulations to allegedly discriminate against LGBT youth.

(Reuters/Lucy Nicholson)A rainbow is seen in the sky behind LGBT pride flags and the U.S. flag in West Hollywood, California, United States, June 26, 2015.

Campus Pride has released a "shame list" containing the names of 102 Christian colleges and universities all filed under "absolute worst." This marks the first time that the LGBT activist group has released a list of what they consider as anti-LGBTQ campuses in the U.S., and the said list will be updated every year, the group's spokesperson Shane Windmeyer told The Christian Post in an email.

"The listing will be updated annually. This is the first-time Campus Pride has released a listing of the worst anti-LGBTQ campuses across the country," Windmeyer told the Post. "New campuses may appear in future and campuses may be removed in future as well."

Among the campuses included in the list are Azusa Pacific University, Bob Jones University, Biola University, East Texas Baptist University, Liberty University, Gordon College, Wheaton College, and Union university.

It is worth noting that Wheaton did not request for a religious exemption to Title IX, which prohibits any educational entity receiving funding from the federal government from discriminating on the basis of a person's sex. However, the school was included in Campus Pride's "shame list" because it invited a former lesbian named Rosaria Butterfield to speak in front of its students.

In an interview with the Post on Thursday, Lancaster Bible College president Peter Teague reacted to their campus being included in the LGBT "shame list." He reiterated the school's "Christ-centered mission," which includes loving people without endorsing their behavior.

Meanwhile, Campus Pride is also encouraging students whose campuses are on the list to contact them for assistance in filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education. Windmeyer said the schools are not "loving, welcoming, safe places" for students, Campus Reform relays.

Aside from its "shame list," Campus Pride also releases annually its "best of the best" list of what they consider as the most LGBTQ-inclusive campuses in the country. On top of that list are Cornell and Princeton.