Liberty University in Virginia opens $3.2 million gun range for Christian students

Christian students attending Liberty University in Virginia can train to safely use a gun and practice their shooting skills in the campus' $3.2 million gun range, which recently opened. The largest Christian university in America plans to hold gun competitions and other activities on the new site and it will also be accessible for public use come May.

(REUTERS/David W Cerny)A 660-acre gun range just opened for Christian students at Liberty University.

The school allows its over 3,000 students to keep guns in their dorm rooms, provided they have successfully finished a firearm safety course with the Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) and are of good standing with the university. Completing the course is also a requirement for students to be able to use the new gun range.

The 660-acre property has state-of-the-art facilities, which may be used for training for the Olympics. It has been modeled from the National Rifle Association (NRA) gun range located in New Mexico. Liberty University, however, has yet to be complete the building of the facilities, but it will have at least three gun ranges for pistol and rifle shooters, a ski and snowboard slope that will operate year-round, as well as venues for trap shooting and clay shooting.

"Our president, Jerry Falwell Jr., and his father, Jerry Falwell, Sr. have a saying that 'if it's Christian it should be better,'" Brad Butler, the university's planning coordinator said in the reports. "So we're going to make it not only safe and competitive, but beautiful," he added.

Dave Hartman, the executive director and head coach of the Liberty Mountain Gun Club told the press that thousands of young people love the sport of shooting, which he considers as the fastest-growing sports in America. The coach believes this is a rare opportunity that the school must tap into as the new facility offers a proper training ground for students who enjoy shooting sports.

"It is truly my hope and dream that we use this range as a platform to plant seeds all over the country in shooting sports and Christianity," Hartman said.