London Fashion Week: Bishops slam 'satanic' show held at historic church

Bishops and other religious leaders have slammed an event held at a historic church as part of London Fashion Week last week which they said was 'blasphemous' and Satanic, and have questioned the church's decision to open its doors to the said event.

St Andrew Holborn (church). 13 April 2013. | WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / Elisa.rolle

One of the shows during London Fashion Week featured the work of Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu, which involved models dressed as vampires and devils as they walked down the aisle of St. Andrew Holborn church. The event also featured demonic images, devil horns, and upside-down crosses displayed by the models, The Daily Mail detailed.

Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, said the show's satanic aspect was unacceptable. He said churches should not be involved in anything that clashes with the Christian faith.

"Christians will be outraged. This was not necessary to do," Nazir-Ali said. "In the sense that Christ's name is being dishonoured, it is blasphemous."

Theologian Dr. Adrian Hilton echoed Nazir-Ali's thoughts and said the church's altar was desecrated because of the demonic symbolism paraded down the aisle during the London Fashion Week. In an entry in his Archbishop Cranmber blog, he asked if Rt Rev'd Jonathan Baker, the Bishop of Fulham, was aware of what happened during the event.

In addition, Hilton asked if such a sacred place could be used for "Lucifer lauding" and if the event glorified God or not. He asked if the church had consented to its altar being used as a backdrop for inverted crosses, pentagrams, occult paraphernalia, and other similar symbolism.

The church, on the other hand, has apologized for the "mistake" of not being aware of the designs included in the London Fashion Week show. It acknowledged that the content of the event "does not reflect the Christian faith" and said it will review its booking process to make sure that the incident will not be repeated.

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