Making your well water safe to drink

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Many families opt to get their drinking water from a private well. That is a great money-saving strategy since there are no water bills to worry about. Seeing as your private well is not covered by your government, there is no guarantee that its water is safe.

So, having a private well is one thing. How safe its water is to drink is another matter altogether. Contaminated water can culminate into some serious health issues, and everybody who drinks will be at risk. Learning how to go about getting clean water in your home is crucial. That is where sites such as all-about-water-filters.comcome in handy.

Find out if Your Water is Safe

¨ The first thing you will need to do is to get your well water tested. A laboratory or a research facility can do the testing for you and give you an assurance that the water is safe for drinking. If it is not safe, they will let you know that as well. It is not possible to see the harmful microorganisms with the naked eye.

¨ These microorganisms can cause your family untold agony if ingested because there are chemical impurities in water that can cause real havoc in the body.

¨ Get your water tested occasionally; once is not enough. This is because sometimes it becomes necessary to refill the well or revive it, especially during the dry season. This means that new contaminants are likely to get introduced into your well. Also, keep the results of every test for future reference.

Keeping Your Water Safe

In order to ensure that your water is always safe, you need to look into the following aspects:

¨ Construction: Inspect the construction of the well in terms of strength and quality. If the well is not constructed well, then it might not keep your water safe.

¨ Location: There are constructions that should not be close to a well, such as outhouses. These could cause the well to be grossly contaminated. There might be other issues in the location, for instance activities within the area that may cause water to be contaminated.

¨ Maintenance: How well has the well been maintained? How old is it?

¨ Human activities: The human activities around the area could be hazardous to the wells in the area. If they are working with chemicals or other lethal substances, the well water may be dangerous to drink.

Consider Getting a Filtration System

Filtration gets rid of any impurities that may be in the water. It uses a biological process, a physical barrier or a chemical to make sure that water is safe for drinking. Choose a water filtration method that you feel suits your family's needs. The beauty of water filtration is that you can purify all the water in your house, and not just the drinking water.

Some examples of water filtration systems include:

¨ Countertop water filter

¨ The under sink filtration system

¨ Faucet attached water filter.

Tip: the deeper your well, the cleaner the water.

You can find a lot more information about water purification and especially filtration from a site such as and other related sites. You can get information about getting the water in your home safe for drinking and use, as well as the best methods to avoid contamination.