Man named Jesus Christianity gets 17 months prison time for gay pride march bomb threats

A man who shouted Bible verses in public and threatened to bomb a gay pride march in Cardiff last August has been sentenced to 17 months in prison. 

A man with the name Jesus Christianity was sentenced to prison for agitating participants of an LGBT rally. | REUTERS/Andrew Cullen

Jesus Christianity, 34, has been found guilty of agitating LGBT marchers. He also said he had given false information and admitted he had threatened he would destroy property.

According to prosecutor Gareth James, Christianity shouted at some of the passengers on a train, who were dressed to join the gay pride march. One of them also attested that Christianity had declared he had a bomb.

"When the passengers got off he said to one of them 'I'm going to Pride now and I've got a bomb in my backpack,'" the prosecutor detailed. "He directed these comments principally because of people's sexual orientation."

Police arrested Christianity after getting reports on scene. They did not find any bomb, but he did carry a toy gun.

The defendant's lawyer, Ruth Smith, stated that Christianity had "clear psychiatric difficulties" and  had been "diagnosed with anxiety." His behavior was a reaction to the stress around him.

Smith also said that Christianity actually did not like to use public transport, so the anxiety triggered his outbursts against the LGBT passengers. The lawyer also claimed that her client had never intended to act on his threats.

Judge Neil Bidder acknowledged Christianity's mental anguish. He, however, also said that the latter's actions and threats were upsetting to those around him, especially since he declared he carried a bomb. The judge noted that Christianity added to the problems of the police and their resources.

This was not Christianity's first arrest, however, as he has had 33 prior offenses ranging from assault, damage to property and dishonesty. He also paid bail for a previous bomb hoax, where he had threatened the workers of a building in his neighborhood that he would "burn down the house."

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