Megachurches continue to rise amid traditional church decline

Megachurches are reportedly seeing a steady growth in the U.S. while the attendance in traditional churches continues to plummet as worshippers are increasingly drawn to houses of worship where they can feel God's love in the congregation.

(REUTERS / John Gress)A parishioner cries as he signs a song of worship in the 7,000-seat Willow Creek Community church during a Sunday service in South Barrington, Illinois, November 20, 2005.

Joella Cavell and her husband Chris drive 33 miles from South Fayette to attend the Sunday services at the Victory Family Church in Cranberry. The travel may be quite long, but they feel that it is "worth the drive" because they feel the love of Jesus Christ in all the members of the megachurch, CBS Pittsburgh relayed.

Victory Family Church draws around 3,200 people every week, and that number continues to grow. Although the Cavell couple only joined the church in May, they said the love they felt there was something that they had not felt before.

"The reason I think people are coming is because the focus is very intimate," Victory Family church pastor John Nuzzo explained. "Even though the numbers may not feel intimate, the focus is. So when you come here, we are very intentional with a message on what Jesus came to do."

The Bible Chapel in Peters Township, meanwhile, has experienced a doubled growth in its population since 2009 and now sees a weekly attendance of around 4,000. Associate Pastor Scott Arvay pointed to the Bible-centered teaching as one of the main reasons for their explosive growth, saying the words they shared were relevant in today's time.

Earlier this year, The Christian Post published a list of the 10 most prominent megachurches in the U.S. Included in the list is Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, which is often known as the "biggest and most popular church" in America.

Other megachurches featured in the Post's report are Willow Creek Community Church, Life.Church, North Point Community Church, Saddleback Church, Gateway Church, Shadow Mountain Community Church, New Season Christian Worship Center, Preston Baptist Church, and The Rock Church.