Methodist church takes down unauthorized anti-LGBT sign after uproar

A Methodist church in Georgetown has taken down an anti-LGBT sign after it caused an uproar among the public, saying it was put up by a congregant without the knowledge and approval of the pastor.

(WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / Ammodramus)Providence United Methodist Church in Orangeburg County, South Carolina; seen from the south. 26 April 2015.

The Providence United Methodist Church in Georgetown was put in the hot seat after a sign saying, "It's Adam and Eve not Steve," and then supposedly signed by "God" was posted earlier this month.

On July 2, local resident Charles Mead-e wrote a letter to church Superintendent Rev. Dr. Kyung-Hee Sa and complained about the "offensive" sign. He also asked for an apology to the LGBT community, the Milford Beacon detailed.

Mead-e said he would not have spoken out against the sign if it was not a United Methodist Church that posted it. However, as the Delmarva Daily Times relayed, he explained: "I grew up in the Methodist tradition. They have taken a 'love the sinner, hate the sin' approach. ... This sign was pretty much against their policy."

In addition, Mead-e described the sign as "mean spirited" and demanded to know which Biblical verse it was quoted from. He also pointed out that the United Methodist Church Book of Discipline does not allow discrimination against the LGBT community.

In response to Mead-e's letter of complaint, newly retired Providence pastor Walter Reeves explained that a church member had posted the sign without knowledge and approval of their leader. He also informed the complainant that the offensive message has since been taken down.

"We want to assure you that this is not the message that is preached at this church, nor does it reflect the respect for all persons that is the United Methodist way," Reeves added in his response to Mead-e's email.

In addition, Rev. Sa's superior Bishop Peggy Johnson apologized to Mead-e over the anti-LGBT sign and said the person who posted it "is very sorry." She also assured people that it will not happen again and that the church will make up for the incident.