Microsoft Surface Book 2, Pro 5 release date, specs news: Will device come out in June or in the last few months of 2016?

When it comes to technology, people seem to cannot get enough of, and would always crave for an upgrade. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 5 are two of the most awaited laptop offerings of Microsoft. Various speculations are currently circulating as the tech giant still has yet to confirm its official release date.

Yibada claims the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will probably come out in the second half of the year, toward the end of 2016. The announcement comes along with the news that the new line of Surface Phones are to be introduced at a later schedule. Reports are currently saying that the launch has been pushed to 2017.

In another report, International Business Times says Microsoft might intervene with the rumored June release of the MacBook Pro 2016 models and will make a grand announcement of its counter offer, the Microsoft Book 2, on June as well.

The hybrid tablet "Surface Pro 4" of Microsoft was released October 2015. | Microsoft/Surface Pro 4

The rumored June launch is being linked to its rival's anticipated new offers. People believe that Microsoft will try to surpass the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 by debuting its Microsoft Surface Book 2, notes Bitbag. Incidentally, the rival's newest gadget still has no confirmed release date as of this time.

As previously reported, the Surface Book 2 has a 13.5-inch display with 4K resolution and carries the USC Type-C ports. The upcoming model's battery performance has been upgraded and reportedly come with better graphics features. Meanwhile, its rival similarly has a 13-inch screen.

The first generation of the Microsoft Surface Book was created for people who wanted to switch from a laptop to a tablet and vice versa. Checking in on the official website of Microsoft, the software firm branded its Microsoft Surface Book as the "ultimate laptop."

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