Mighty Fortress Church: Encouraging Believers, Spreading the Word, Seeking Christ

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Mighty Fortress International Church, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, invites all to join them in worship, and to grow and engage with the church. MFI provides an atmosphere that welcomes everyone, regardless of race or culture, with open arms, just as they are. After all, God's children are in this world to love one another, therefore, the vision of this church is to serve as a world-wide ministry for Christ by bringing people to God through His Word, along with their strong belief in love, forgiveness, and acceptance of all people. The mission of Mighty Fortress is to prepare as many for the coming of the Lord as they possibly can. Also, a part of that mission is to pick up the fallen, encourage the lost, lift the weak, care for the sick, to assist members in leading a heaven-bound lifestyle, and share the Word with as many souls as possible. All believers are all equally important to the church, as a community, and all are encouraged to join with fellow believers to spread the word of our Lord.

There are many things the body of Christ needs to accomplish, therefore the more members who actively participate in various church activities, the better, and there are countless ways to become more involved within the church. Greeting other members as they enter the church is an easy way to get to know others, as is paying attention to those nearby, being aware of their needs, and offering to assist them whenever possible. Enjoying fellowship outside of church, perhaps cooking a meal for other members, or taking them out to eat, is an effective way to build stronger relationships among parishioners. Creating time to volunteer at extra church events or lock-ins for young adults encourages further fellowship among the adults and the youth. For single adults over the age of 18, The Singles Ministry group of Mighty Fortress Church meets the 1st Friday of each month at 6p.m. at the Hampton Inn located in Maple Grove for Bible Study, Fellowship, and Prayer. Friends are more than welcome to attend the event, as well, and will enjoy refreshments, music videos, teaching, worship, and prayer. SHIFT, a group for young adults shifting into adulthood, meets every 4th Friday of the month at 8:30p.m. for prayer, games, outings, and to enjoy fellowship through conversation. Friends are welcome at the SHIFT meetings, as well. Yet another way to become more involved with the church, its members, and the surrounding community is to pray for them.

The power of prayer is proven to change the lives of those who pray as well as those who are prayed for. It is the most powerful tool we have, and with it, we seek the Lord's guidance by asking him to heal us, forgive sins, mold us into his image, and pray that non-believers will seek Him out. Also, continually seeking wisdom through prayer is the Senior Pastor, Bishop T.R. Williams, who has been active in church ministry for over three decades. He also serves as the president and founder of MFI Ministries, which focuses on teaching Christian living based on sound biblical principles.

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