Missionaries spread gospel in Iraq by distributing Christian books to children

Missionaries and volunteers are helping plant the seeds of the gospel by distributing Bibles and Christian books to believers and children in Iraq and by reaching out to young people in the embattled country through Bible studies.

(REUTERS / Alaa Al-Marjani)Iraqi children play as they celebrate Eid al-Fitr, in Mosul, Iraq June 25, 2017.

Together with its partners and local churches, Open Doors USA plans to give out over 50,000 Bibles and other Christian books to the Christians in Iraq. During a distribution trip to the northern part of the war-torn country, the organization was also able to hand Bibles to Christian youth.

"The purpose of distributing these books is that children and youth will understand better what God has to tell them in the Bible," said Bible distributor Sajjad (not his real name).

Sajjad took Open Doors on a mission to deliver coloring books with Bible stories to 200 Christian children in Iraq. He added that they give books containing 27 Bible stories to older kids as they are not accustomed to reading the Holy Book.

Many of the Christian families from the Nineveh Plain lost their Bibles, Christian books, and other belongings when they fled from persecution at the hands of Islamist militants in 2014. Sajjad said this is the reason why there is a high demand for Christian literature in Iraq.

Christian refugees in Sydney were also able to receive Arabic-English Bibles through the help of Bible Society Australia and Anglicare. In an interview with Eternity News via an interpreter, Syrian refugee Fadia Eskeif said the Bible was very important to them because it was their only source of help in times of danger.

"What we do with these books is sowing the seeds of the gospel in their lives," Sajjad explained. "My dream is that, within 15 years, the seeds will have grown up and these children will be mature believers and have a living relationship with Christ. We will need a lot of prayer to make that happen."'

However, Sajjad said Bible distribution should be accompanied by discipleship training. For this reason, he said they also train volunteers who will share the Gospel to Iraq's young people.