Mom with two uteruses paid almost $17,000 for abortion while seven months pregnant

A mother with two uteruses has revealed that she shelled out almost $17,000 to get an abortion while seven months pregnant with her third child. The woman known only as Tara confirmed that she got the procedure after doctors told her that her baby would not survive.

(Pixabay/congerdesign)A mother opened up and detailed why she got a late-term abortion in Colorado.

In an essay published on The Cut, Tara wrote that doctors determined something wasn't right with her pregnancy at 22 weeks. Further tests during her 28 weeks of pregnancy confirmed the worst: the fetus wasn't growing healthily because of a genetic mutation, which would result in severe difficulties for her child.

Doctors also determined that Tara's third pregnancy developed on her right uterus. Her other children — a son and a daughter — developed properly to term on her left uterus.

Tara has a rare congenital abnormality, as the tubes in her uterus remain separate throughout the fetus' development. According to the Mayo Clinic, women with a double uterus can have successful pregnancies but there could also be risks.

Knowing the actual state of the fetus in her womb, the mom discussed her options with a neurologist. The expert told her that if her baby survived, the infant would never be able to talk, walk or swallow.

Tara said in her essay that the decision to terminate the fetus' life was "fairly easy." The whole procedure, however, was a different ordeal.

First, she and her husband needed to shell out an "insane amount of money" for the procedure ($11,500) and their travel arrangements ($5,000) to a Colorado clinic as local hospitals won't perform late-term abortions. Second, on her first day in the clinic, doctors injected chemicals that would stop the fetus' heart from working, but they did not get it right the first time.

Medically known as "feticide," it took a few tries to complete the process and at one point, Tara saw her baby move from the ultrasound machine. The mom admitted that this part was the most emotionally difficult.

"It goes against every human instinct, to lie there and let someone do that," she shared. "You're not supposed to move, so I was trying not to cry and not to move," she added.

Days later, doctors also performed a D&E procedure on Tara without an anesthesiologist to remove the fetal tissues from her uterus. Tara said that she felt some physical pain after the whole ordeal and suffered an infection because the clinic lacked the facilities.

Tara and her husband buried their baby's body wrapped in a prayer shawl in a tiny coffin when they returned home. She also regularly talks to a therapist and has been "learning how to live life again."