Muslim helps catch Islamic gang attacking white Christians in Liverpool

A Muslim takeaway owner helped stop and catch a gang of three Islamic thugs who physically attacked white Christians in Liverpool and recorded the incidents using a cellphone.

Liverpool victoria street photograph taken by Robert Smith, released into the public domain. 30 May 2008. | WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / Bobsmith040689

Edris Nosrati, who transferred to Liverpool from Iran and now owns Mexican takeaway King Taco, was walking home after a night out when he witnessed the three drunken Muslims ganging up on a white man who was with his girlfriend. He confronted them, and they asked him if he was Muslim and said he could go after learning that he knew some Arabic words, Liverpool Echo detailed.

What the gang told Nosrati made him think that they could be terrorists. This prompted him to follow the thugs when they left Bold Street and called the police.

"I had seen one of these men just making videos. From every single attack he made a video. When police arrived, the guy he was really relaxed. He was smart. He was looking at his phone," Nosrati explained. "I thought he might be deleting the videos. I tried to take the phone from his hand. He didn't let me take it and with the mobile he punched me in my face. I put him in a headlock and dropped him to the ground and I took the mobile."

Nosrati gave the mobile phone to a policeman, and they arrested the gang after watching one of the videos.

Amin Mohmed, 24, and Mohammed Patel, 20, had attacked a man named Gary Bohanna after learning that he was a non-Muslim, the Liverpool Crown Court learned. The two asked the victim, "Why aren't you Muslim" before hitting him in the face The pair admitted that they punched and kicked Bohanna when he revealed his Christian faith, The New Arab reported.

Faruq Patel, 19, was the one who recorded the video of Mohmed punching St. Helens Councillor Paul Lynch, who was with his girlfriend at the time of the attack. He and Mohammed were sentenced by the judge to serve time in a young offenders' institution for 42 and 18 weeks respectively.

Mohmed, on the other hand, cried after being handed a 42-week jail sentence. He had initially denied the accusations and even suggested that they were victims of racial abuse.

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