Muslim mob in Pakistan beats and evicts Christian pastor's family from home

A pastor and his family in Pakistan were seriously injured after an armed Muslim mob stormed their home, beat them up, and evicted them in an attempt to seize their property, according to sources.

Pakistan's Christian community protest against satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo, which featured a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad as the cover of its first edition since an attack by Islamist gunmen, in Peshawar, January 18, 2015. | Reuters/Fayaz Aziz

On Oct. 19, Seventh-day Adventist Church pastor Michael Robert and his family were in their home in Mohalla Sadiqabad when more than 50 armed men began firing their weapons to terrorize the residents. The mob, led by Muslim Hameed Gaadi, entered the pastor's home and began beating the family violently and throwing their things outside, Atty. Aneeqa Maria of The Voice Society told Morning Star News.

Atty. Maria said the mob wanted to seize Pastor Robert's property, which is currently embroiled in a legal dispute. A few years ago, the pastor's father had reportedly purchased the house from a local Muslim but the family later discovered that the previous owner fraudulently transferred the property to Gaadi.

After Robert's family sued for fraud, a judge issued a restraining order to prevent them from being evicted until the ownership issue has been settled. However, local police defied the court order and started harassing the pastor's family to force them to vacate the house and surrender the property to Gaadi.

Atty. Maria also voiced out concern over the authorities' failure to arrest the people who attacked Pastor Robert's family. Instead, the police reportedly locked the gates of the house and announced seizure of the property due to the dispute. The lawyer also conveyed fears that some Islamist groups are trying to fan the brewing religious tension in the area.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Christian Post notes that community tension has been increasing in Pakistan as Muslims call for the execution of two Christians accused of blasphemy. Despite the call for justice for Christian mother Asia Bibi and teen Nabeel Masih, the Post said the law courts have failed them.

British Pakistani Christian Association chairman Wilson Chowdhry released a statement expressing his dismay at the hatred of the Muslim community against the Christians in Pakistan. He also called on the Western countries to utilize their power of leverage to fight for the defenseless like Bibi and Masih.

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