Muslim-turned Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi dies of cancer at 34

Former Muslim and Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi has passed away because of cancer on Sept. 16, just a week after he asked for prayers as doctors had already recommended palliative care for him.

(WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / Tburnham23)Author and speaker Nabeel Qureshi. 18 April 2016.

In a video update on Sept. 8, Qureshi informed his followers of the grim news while lying on his hospital bed. He said doctors had given him a prognosis that was "quite grim" and that they had already given up on his treatment for advanced stomach cancer and recommended palliative care instead.

Qureshi, a former Muslim who had embraced Christianity, said he relied on God for medical healing and for a miracle. He also admitted that he struggled with where his faith needs to be during his time of illness.

At the end of the video, Qureshi prayed to the Lord for a miracle, saying God is more than able to do things such as raise someone from the dead. Nevertheless, the Christian apologist still expressed his love and praise for God even if it weren't His will for him to be healed.

"Lord, we know you are able. Please heal, please come through, but if it shouldn't be Your will, your sovereign will at the end of the day, then I trust You, and I love You anyway," Qureshi said in his video update. "We praise You, Lord. We pray in Jesus' name, amen."

Ravi Zacharias, who worked with Qureshi in the Christian apologetics ministry, wrote a piece on The Washington Post explaining why his late friend's death impacted so many people. He said Qureshi, who was well-versed in Islam but was a passionate evangelical, touched the hearts of a lot of Muslims with his gracious responses to the questions that his conversion sparked.

Zacharias also highlighted Qureshi's passion to spread the message of God's love and forgiveness for people from all over the world. He described the former Muslim as a "man with a mission, ready to run."

After narrating how he first found out about Qureshi's stomach cancer, Zacharias said the world also suffers from another type of eternal cancer called sin, which kills the soul. He said Qureshi would want Christians to bring Jesus' message to other people in the world, and the fulfillment of that mission would bring the understanding that his friend's death is only temporary.