NBA star Jeremy Lin says his legacy is his faith as it had 'God's fingerprints all over'

NBA player Jeremy Lin has achieved much success as the first Taiwanese-American international basketball star. More than his accomplishments in sports, however, the Brooklyn Nets point guard wants to leave a legacy as a man of faith.

(REUTERS/Jeff Haynes)Brooklyn Nets' Jeremy Lin has recovered from his knee injuries and can play again.

Lin credits God for his success in basketball. In a podcast interview with David Meltzer of Sports 1 Marketing, Lin said that everything he did in his life, including joining the NBA, had "God's fingerprints all over it."

"I would want [my fans] to know that I lived for God, I was faithful in my life," Lin shared. "I wasn't perfect, but I always did my best and I tried to fix and right my wrongs and just do things the right way," he added.

The 29-year-old NBA star had his share of ups and downs in his 9-year career. Just last season, the Nets player had to sit out the games following a knee injury. He told Meltzer that he drew strength from his faith in God after experiencing the setback.

"There is a lot of delving into God's promises that there is a perfect plan," the star player said. "I need to just continue to be faithful and worry about what I can control," Lin continued.

When he couldn't play in court, Lin shifted his focus to his "off-court job" that brought him to China and Taiwan. Lin didn't share the specifics of what he did to help, but the NBA star regularly visited his parents' country to oversee a basketball camp and encourage young and budding players. He also appeared on Chinese television quite often.

These days, Lin is working hard and intending to make a huge comeback in the upcoming season. He has started training with the Nets again at the Fortius Sport & Health in Vancouver and told reporters that he's excited to be back. He's also learning to move better following his injury.