New audio Bible for homeless, hurting and imprisoned women set for release

An audio Bible geared specifically for women will soon be out and available for free at various shelters and facilities. The aim of the Courage for Life Women's Audio Bible is to spread the Word of God among the homeless, the abused, and the hurting women.

(REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton)Soon, a women's Bible will be distributed for free in shelters and facilities for the abused and imprisoned women.

Ann White, a Bible teacher, launched the unique project with the Courage For Life ministry. The gender-specific Bible theme is the first of its kind. An all-female talent group will read the stories in the audio book in the hopes of touching and influencing women to walk the path to God.

"These women who have prayed to receive Christ... but if they don't have access to God's word, they're at a stalemate," White told Faithwire. "An audio Bible was something we thought was critically important, especially in a women's voice."

White also explained that a number of female inmates have a hard time using the Bible as  reading material since many lack the skills to read. The audio book will be helpful in bringing the lessons of the Scriptures to these women.

Production for the women's Bible will begin this month, and White has set the release date for sometime in the fall of 2018. Helping her is Phil Cook, a filmmaker and media consultant, who wrote the book "The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get It Back."

The Courage for Life Women's Audio Bible will feature stories from the Book of Genesis to Revelation and will follow the New Living Translation Bible by Tyndale House Publishing. Once finished, women can access the audio Bible through an app that Courage For Life specifically created.

Further details to this app will be revealed in the months leading up to its release. White and the organization will also eventually publish the women's Bible on actual print.