New York church evicts medium from rental space over fears of 'summoning evil spirits'

A Methodist church in Long Island, New York, has evicted a medium and his followers from its rental space over fears that he was summoning evil spirits, saying his presence in the house of worship sent mixed messages to the public.

(REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson)The United Methodist Church where undocumented immigrant Rosa Sabido lives in sanctuary while facing deportation is seen in Mancos, Colorado, July 19, 2017.

Jim Fargiano, 56, had been renting a space in the East Quogue United Methodist Church's parish hall for the last 20 years, where he had been holding weekly gatherings. However, the psychic and around 30 of his followers were evicted from the place a little before Labor Day over fears that he had been calling evil spirits, the New York Post detailed.

"The church was afraid that I was tapping into negative energies, summoning evil spirits," Fargiano told the Post.

Julia Yim, the district leader of the United Methodist Church in Suffolk County, explained that the idea of having a psychic inside a church was not compatible with their mission.

"A psychic in the church sends a mixed message to our community," said Yim. "Having Mr. Fargiano at the church was not consistent with our core mission which is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

However, Fargiano said his gatherings in the church were all about prayer, healing and meditation, and mentioned that a former pastor sometimes attended his sessions every Thursday evening. He conducted the private séances at his home office for which he charged $175.

Meanwhile, pastors told The Christian Post that millennials get involved in the occult because of unbelief and the existence of "comfortable" Christianity within the Church. Crossroads Community Church pastor Wanda Alger said God has "put eternity into man's heart," as stated in Ecclesiastes 3:11, making them connected to the spiritual realm.

Therefore, Alger said humans have a "natural" desire to explore the supernatural realm. However, if they fail to fulfill this with the help of the church, nonbelievers likely turn to psychics, astrology, and the occult to fill that spiritual hunger.