NFL pro Odell Beckham Jr. responds to Ray Lewis for saying he 'removed God from his life'

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis are having a misunderstanding over the latter's alleged criticisms against the younger player's recent behavior during the offseason.

(Wikimedia Commons/Erik Drost)Odell Beckham Jr. has a viral video that implied he was sniffing drugs with a woman.

Lewis reportedly ranted in an interview that Beckham has "removed God from his life" after incriminating videos of the Giants star surfaced. The video suggested that Beckham was doing drugs with a woman, and it popped at a time when rumors are rife that his team might soon trade him.

In an interview on FS1 last Monday, Lewis did not hold back on Beckham. The Hall of Famer implied that Beckham lost his way.

"Odell has removed God from his life. This is a kid who grew up under the covenant of who God really is, and everything that he's doing," Lewis said, adding that Beckham disappointed a lot of people. "When you tell me that you want me in your life to help you, when you tell me that you want to be accountable with reading our Bibles and sharing scriptures, and it doesn't happen...then you wonder why things around you start to happen," Lewis added.

Following his statements, the former NFL star came under fire online for his criticisms against Beckham because it appeared he's imposing religion on the young star player. The Giants receiver also posted a video on his Instagram last Monday to show that he's in a group prayer session. He did not direct the post to anyone in particular, but he indicated that his faith has been founded in him since his birth.

Lewis, however, responded to Beckham the next day to say that his criticisms come from a father figure looking out for someone he regards as his son. It also comes from a person who has done the same mistakes of taking a break from God, and he regretted those mistakes.

The former NFL star said that he's aware of Beckham's foundation of faith. However, he needed to be reminded to put God in the center of his life because "the devil sends fiery darts from all angles."