Nick Foles clarifies comments about becoming a pastor when he leaves NFL

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles previously said he wants to become a pastor when he leaves the NFL. But after the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots at the recent Super Bowl, with Foles leading his team and becoming the MVP, the quarterback confirmed he's not about to shift his career yet.

(Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)Philadelphia Eagles' Nick Foles celebrates with the Vince Lombardi Trophy after winning Super Bowl LII.

Foles, who is a dedicated Christian, revealed to the Huffington Post that the media immediately picked up on his statements about having taken classes in a seminary to become a pastor. He clarified what kind of pastor he would like to become once he decides to stop scoring touchdowns.

"We have a great local church at home, and I always thought it would be cool to volunteer at the church," Foles said. "I could teach some sermons in the high school, but it's more just to be one-on-one and help those kids at that point in their life," he added.

Foles hopes to influence kids who aspire to be professional athletes to be motivated by Jesus Christ and not money, fame or possessions. He wants to emphasize to these kids that while players need to get paid for their capabilities, it's more important to play alongside teammates with good relationships, good coaches and great standards. Otherwise, it would be a miserable situation.

The Eagles quarterback also said that he thought he'd leave the NFL two years ago, but as it turned out, he's still playing for the league.

Meanwhile, fellow quarterback Carson Wentz said that he's actually glad that Foles is still with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I love Nick and we both understand kind of the nature of this business and the outset of this team and the future," Wentz said, adding that there's no jealousy or competition between them despite their similar roles with the Philadelphia Eagles because they are friends and they share the same faith in God. "I'm excited he's still here," Wentz further said.

Foles also said that becoming part of a team and working with different kinds of people helps with his personal growth. He believes it's a good move to actually stay on since it means there are more opportunities for him to glorify God.