No Christians among the hundreds of Syrian refugees received by U.S. this month

Out of the 529 Syrian refugees received by the United States this month, none are Christians and all of them identified themselves as Muslim.

In September 2015, the Obama administration pledged to welcome 10,000 Syrian refugees within the 2016 fiscal year. Based on the State Department Refugee Processing Center's (RPC) report, only 21 (less than one percent) out of the 2,265 Syrian refugees admitted in the United States since October are non-Muslims, Town Hall details.

Syrian refugee families wait to register their information at the U.S. processing centre for Syrian refugees, during a media tour held by the U.S. Embassy in Jordan, in Amman, Jordan, April 6, 2016. | Reuters/Muhammad Hamed

Officials who oppose the entry of Syrian refugees in to the United States have voiced concerns that terrorists may take advantage of the program to enter the country. Critics have also pointed out that only a small fraction of those who seek asylum in the United States are Christians.

After Republicans complained about the disproportionate number of Christian refugees being admitted to the United States, the United Nations' High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) released a statement in December saying the situation is similar in other countries. Jana Mason, the senior adviser for government relation and external affairs, said only 1.2 percent of the two million Syrian refugees in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon are Christians.

Obama's response to the refugee crisis in the Middle East has drawn flak from critics who say there is no such thing as a Muslim refugee because only non-Muslims are real refugees. Front Page explains that the Syria civil war stemmed from a religious conflict between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

The publication slammed the Obama administration for prioritizing the entry of "fake Muslim refugees" instead of processing the real Christian or Yazidi refugees. It also said the U.S. refugee policy allows a large number of Muslim migrants to enter the country and neglect the Christian refugees who now have no home in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, activist group Human Rights First released a report last month saying the United States would need to admit more than 1,400 refugees every month from April to September in order to meet the quota of 10,000. So far, the country has managed to process only 451 refugees last month.

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