Ohio policeman thanks God that teen school shooter changed his mind

A 13-year-old boy planned to launch an elaborate mass shooting at the Jackson Middle School in Ohio last March 1, but for some reason, Keith Simons did not carry out his plans and instead shot himself in the head in the school bathroom.

(REUTERS/Jim Young)A teenager came to school with the intention to open fire guns but ended up shooting himself instead.

Mark Brink of the Jackson Township Police could not explain what stopped Simons. As they investigated the boy after his death, the police chief could only think of one factor that prevented this tragedy from happening.

"We should thank God every day, whatever made him change his mind," Brink told the press when the police finally provided details to their investigations.

The cops discovered disturbing messages in Simons' cellphone that suggested he had planned the shooting for weeks. He had an eight-step plan of attack documented on his device from Feb. 14 to Feb. 20.

Simons also implied that he admired the 1999 Columbine mass shooters who killed 12 people and injured dozens of teachers and students. His social media profiles also alluded to a teenager with a growing fixation for weapons.

"I will never be forgotten. I'll be a stain in American history and the Simons history, it's going to be so much fun," the boy wrote on his phone.

Police said that Simons rode the bus to school in the morning of Feb. 21 while concealing his weapons under his clothes. He also carried a backpack that had extra ammunition.

Upon arriving at school, Simons went to the bathroom first. Four other students saw him come out and then he turned back to the bathroom again. One of the students who saw the gun reported him to school officials, but by then, Simons had shot himself.

Simons' obituary read that he was a "caring, quiet and gentle person" and people who actually knew the boy said that he was always a funny kid. His family's church on Facebook, the New Harmony Worship Center, wrote that Simons was "a great kid who made a bad decision."

His mother, Misty, donated his organs, which would save five or more lives. She and her fiancé were once active members of The First Christian Church of Massilon, Ohio .