Ohio prom night crash kills one and injures three; School community offer prayers

A school community in Monroe, Ohio organized a prayer vigil last Sunday for four students — two girls and two boys — who figured in a car crash on their way to the prom.

(Pixabay/Public Domain Pictures)Four students were in a car crash on their way to the prom at Monroe High School in Ohio.

Countless of students at the Monroe High School, including teachers and school officials, prayed together for the car crash victims' immediate recovery. Monroe Local Schools Superintendent Phil Cagwin told reporters that there's a lot of hope that the kids will pull through.

"It's just a matter of letting the doctors do their work and letting the kids' bodies heal," the superintendent said.

Leah Fugate, a junior who is friends with one of the victims, said that they heard about the car crash that Friday night at the prom. The school proceeded with the celebration but after the event, friends of the victims trooped to the hospital.

"We danced for a little bit but, then, when it was time to go home, a lot of people went to the hospital and waited for them," Fugate said, adding that she's praying hard for a miracle for her friends.

Police detailed that at around 6:00 p.m. that Friday night, a 2013 Tesla Sedan with four passengers was speeding on a steep part of a hilly Millikin Road in Butler County. The vehicle crashed and ejected two of its passengers, while one remained trapped inside.

Witnesses rushed to the scene to help the teenagers. Three of the students were brought to the UC West Center, while another was airlifted to the UC Medical Center.

Following the vigil, Cagwin shared the sad news to the school community last Monday that one of the victims did not make it. The unnamed student, a female senior, was seated at the rear of the car and was ejected during the accident. Her companions, however, have already been released from the hospital.

Mitchell Foster Jr., the son of a pastor, who sat next to the victim who died, suffered major injuries on his face. His father, however, is grateful to God that his son is still alive.

Police are still conducting investigations to the car crash. Lt. Morgan Dallman of the Butler County Sheriff's Office said that they are checking whether drugs or alcohol might be involved.