Pakistan continues to deny local terrorist presence after Quetta church bombing

Pakistan continues to deny the presence of terrorists in the country and blames foreign militants for the terror attacks even after the Islamic State claimed responsibility for a recent church bombing in Quetta which left nine dead and more than 50 injured.

(REUTERS / Naseer Ahmed)Policemen guide people after gunmen attacked the Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in Quetta, Pakistan December 17, 2017.

The suicide attack on Bethel Memorial Methodist Church on Dec. 17 left people with many questions after Pakistani authorities continued to blame neighboring countries for the string of terror attacks within its own boundaries. The Minister of Home and Tribal Affairs, Sarfraz Bugti, posted a Twitter message pointing to Afghanistan's "safe haven of terrorists" as the root of such attacks, The Diplomat detailed.

However, the publication questioned how it was possible for ISIS to obtain support from Afghanistan when it was at war with the nation. The Diplomat also pointed out that the minister's response has become quite expected each time a terror attack erupts in Pakistan.

Responding to Minister Bugti's tweet, entrepreneur and writer Mariam Ispahani said Pakistan also had a terrorist problem. She added that the government should start dealing with the problem first instead of continuing to blame Afghanistan for its militant woes.

ISIS has reportedly been very active in Balochistan and elsewhere in Pakistan, with five major attacks credited to the Islamist group. However, Pakistani authorities have denied the presence of the militant group in the country.

Meanwhile, Geo TV reported that security forces were able to foil a terror attack in the remote area of Kalli Tarkha in Quetta on Dec. 19. Police said they were able to diffuse an improvised explosive device weighing 20 kilograms that was found inside an empty tin by a roadside and have already launched an investigation into the case.

The discovery of the IED came a couple of days after the deadly Quetta church attack. The attackers on Sunday were reportedly each carrying 15 kgs of explosive and grenades, and the police shot dead one of them outside the church.