Pakistani woman slams Western countries for failure to recognize Christian persecution

A Pakistani woman who flew to Australia for the treatment of her injuries which she incurred during a 2013 church bombing in Peshawar has slammed Western countries for their failure to recognize the persecution of Christians in her home country.

(REUTERS / Fayaz Aziz)Christian women mourn next to coffins of their relatives, who were killed in a suicide attack on a church, in Peshawar September 22, 2013.

In September 2013, at least 80 were killed and a 17-year-old, Kashmala Munawar, was seriously injured during a twin suicide bombing at the Anglican All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan. Munawar's right leg had to be amputated, and her left leg was shattered as a result of the explosion, World Watch Monitor detailed.

The Australian Association of Pakistani Christians flew Munawar to Melbourne in 2014 for treatment, and Children First Foundation was instrumental in helping her learn to walk once again.

Three years after the fateful Sunday attack, Munawar said Western countries still do not recognize the persecution that Christians in Pakistan have to endure. When these persecuted Pakistanis flee to the West, they are reportedly told to simply move to a different city, but the cycle is repeated over and over again.

In addition, Munawar said Christians in Peshawar still live in constant fear of attacks by their Muslim neighbors. They are also afraid of the police force, which she said does not want to help them, and of the false blasphemy allegations that could be thrown at them.

In July, a Taliban suicide bomber aboard a motorcycle attacked police guarding a demolition site in Lahore, killing 26 people and injuring 54 others. The attack drew condemnation from the Pakistan Catholic Bishops' Conference and the National Commission for Justice and Peace, the Vatican Radio reported.

The Catholic bishops in Pakistan called on authorities to make sure that the perpetrators of such attacks are brought to justice. They also said the government must do something to address extremism and intolerance in the country and to protect all its citizens.