Pastor Davey Blackburn forgives killers of his pregnant wife

A pregnant woman touches her stomach in this file photo. | Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

Pastor Davey Blackburn has decided to forgive the people who killed his pregnant wife and has expressed his desire to share the gospel with them.

Speaking to his former pastor Perry Noble in an interview, Pastor Blackburn shared his realizations after the death of his pregnant wife on Nov. 10, 2015. Amanda Blackburn died after intruders broke into her home and shot her in the head.

Amanda was 12 weeks pregnant when she was shot, and she died in the hospital. Larry Taylor, Diono Gordon, and Jalen Watson have been charged for her murder, Christian Today recalls.

Based on court documents, Taylor was the one who shot Amanda. The three had gone on a burglary spree when they broke into her house. When she was shot, her young son Weston was in his crib, the Indy Star reports.

"What I realised was that forgiveness isn't an emotion. I wasn't ever going to feel like forgiving them [Amander's killers]," said Pastor Blackburn. "... What I realised is that forgiveness is a decision. And it's not just a one-time decision. It's a daily decision."

Pastor Blackburn realized that bitterness and unforgiveness will only eat him up if he does not decide to forgive. He added that revenge belongs to the Lord, and Jesus will restore everything someday, so he has to trust that God is in control of the situation.

He did not just stop at deciding to forgive his wife's killers. Pastor Blackburn also said he wants to have the chance to share the gospel with them. He envisioned what a victory it would be if those three intruders got to know Jesus.

Recently, he revisited the home where his wife and unborn child were killed. As he came across the spot where he had found Amanda, he cried, prayed, and worshipped.

Blackburn and his son Weston are currently residing with his friends. The boy, who was only 15 months old when his mother died, is reportedly doing okay with the help of his family and friends.

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