Pastor Greg Locke slams evangelicals who believe Jesus is not the only way to Heaven

Global Vision Bible Church lead pastor and internet preacher Greg Locke lashed out at evangelicals who believe that there are multiple ways to heaven aside from Christianity, saying Jesus Christ was the only way to go there.

(REUTERS / Andres Martinez Casares)A cross with Jesus Christ is seen amid branches. September 15, 2017

In a mini-sermon posted on Facebook on Dec. 14, Pastor Locke said those who believe that there are several ways to enter Heaven aside from Jesus are not real Bible believers. The Tennessee pastor's statement came two months after Presbyterian Church USA leader Rev. Shannon Johnson Kershner dismissed the idea that Christianity was the sole means to go to Heaven, The Christian Post reported.

"Some time ago there was a study of statistical data done among evangelical Christians 'those that actually believe the Bible' and over 50 percent of them said that there are 'perhaps multiple ways to Heaven,'" said Locke in his Facebook video. "If you believe that there are multiple ways to Heaven then you are not a Bible believer, because the very essence of the Gospel — the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ — is not that Jesus is a way to Heaven, He is the one and only way to Heaven."

In addition, Pastor Locke highlighted Jesus' declaration in John 14:6 that no one can come to God the Father except through Him. The Tennessee pastor said believing otherwise was like delivering a "smack" to God's face and that trusting in Buddha, Allah, Mohammed, and other figures will not lead to Heaven.

Earlier this month, Pastor Locke also made scathing remarks online in defense of Christian-owned businesses that refuse to serve same-sex couples. He said the LGBT community had gone overboard with their "selective drama" in the case of Christian baker Jack Phillips being accused of discrimination, The Huffington Post detailed.

Moreover, Locke challenged members of the LGBT community to demand the same services from a Muslim bakery and see what happens to them. He clarified that he had no business concerning anybody's personal relations, but he cared a lot when public schools teach his children the LGBT agenda and incorporate it in television shows that his kids are exposed to.