Pastor Greg Locke strikes back against 'vicious' report on marital woes

Internet preacher and Tennessee pastor Greg Locke has spoken out against a "vicious" report that talked about his alleged separation from his wife over a mental condition and his purported romantic involvement with another woman who worked at their church.

(REUTERS / Ueslei Marcelino)A couple shows a wedding ring as they celebrate in Brasil August 13, 2011.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Pastor Locke reacted to a report by Pulpit & Pen which said he had sent his wife, Melissa, away on a bus and claimed that she was mentally ill. The publication also cited church sources who said the couple was getting a divorce and that the Tennessee pastor was romantically involved with a woman called "Tai," The Christian Post relayed.

However, many of the congregants at Global Vision Bible Church seemed to not know of any mental illness that Melissa was allegedly suffering from.

"I am saddened tonight by a vicious article that is rapidly circling the internet," said Pastor Locke in his Facebook video. "I'm no stranger to hundreds of news articles both good and bad. However, this is a situation of a writer gathering fake and/or out of context information and totally fabricating a story. This is a very personal and hurtful hit piece. Our entire church congregation knows the facts and the timeline."

In addition, Locke lamented the bad things that "bitterly disgruntled people" told Pulpit & Pen, adding that the latter had published it without even verifying it with him. Nevertheless, he said he was trying to "Be Still" in the middle of this very difficult situation and that he knows God will use the bad experience for the good outcomes ultimately.

Last month, Pastor Locke made headlines when he criticized evangelicals who believed there were "multiple ways to heaven." In a mini-sermon, the Tennessee pastor said those who do not believe that Jesus was the only way they could enter God's kingdom were not Bible believers, The Christian Post said in a separate report.

Quoting John 14:6, Pastor Locke asserted that no one goes to the Father in heaven except through Jesus. He said believing otherwise was tantamount to delivering a "smack" to the Lord's face.