Pastor Paula White says Trump '100 percent' Christian and a man of repentance

Orlando-based televangelist and megachurch pastor Paula White has released a lengthy public statement about U.S. President Donald Trump that described him as a man of repentance and assured the public that he is 100 percent a Christian.

President Donald Trump met with Wayne LaPierre (R), executive vice president of the National Rifle Association and Paula White (L) from the New Christian Destiny Center regarding the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch. February 01, 2017. | REUTERS / Carlos Barria

On Sept. 9, Pastor White talked about President Trump and said she had seen him showing repentance several times. The New Destiny Christian Center's leader also explained her comments on "The Jim Bakker Show" last month about Trump being God's anointed, saying that anointing extends to all leaders including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, The Washington Post relayed.

In addition, Pastor White delved more into Trump's spiritual character and said the president understands what repentance is. However, when asked by a reporter to specify the things that he had repented for, the Pentecostal leader said she could not share it with them because it was a "very personal conversation."

The Post, however, suggested that it might be about the leaked audiotape in which Trump was heard bragging about him sexually assaulting women.

"Our president 100 percent is a Christian who understands receiving faith by the grace of the lord, Jesus. He understands repentance, and I've seen him on many occasions in private and even in public," said White.

She added, "I've also watched a man grow just like we are all growing."

Last month, White drew both support and backlash over her comments on "The Jim Bakker Show." Some reacted negatively when she compared Trump to the Bible character Queen Esther and seemingly implied that those who resist the president were also against the plan of the Lord. A Twitter user named P. Berman called the televangelist a "dangerous" person who was willing to rally behind anyone just to push their Christian agenda, Religion News Service reported.

Still, there were some who were happy about Pastor White's comments. Tracy Noor praised the content of the show, saying she was moved with the Orlando pastor's message that day.

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