Pastor Saeed Abedini blasts Church leaders more concerned about growth than revival

Pastor Saeed Abedini called out church leaders who care more about the growth of their congregation rather than their spiritual revival.

Saeed Abedini, a pastor from Idaho, is pictured with Congressman Robert Pittenger at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany. | Reuters/Congressman Robert Pittenger/Handout via Reuters

In a Facebook post, Pastor Abedini said he is happy about many Christians in America seeking spiritual revival. However, he also spoke against pastors and church leaders who are so busy building the congregation's population that they miss out on the things that matter most, Christian Today relays.

Pastor Abedini previously said that God had called him to leave his children and go back to his ministry in Iran, where he had been imprisoned for his faith, Charisma News reported last week. Now, he has taken time to talk about an existing problem in today's churches.

"After being far from the U.S.A. for four years and in prison and thousands of hours of prayer have happened, I see that more Christians seem ready to step into revival but not all pastors and leaders," Pastor Abedini said on Facebook. "Could it be that pastors are so busy with ministry, church, financial growth plans, and building walls around their church that they are missing the most important thing?"

Abedini did not mention specific church leaders, but he mentioned one pastor whose efforts to grow in his ministry led him to be more controlling over his members and caused division in marriages and among church members. He said pastors should be more concerned in showing the congregation sacrificial love rather than focusing on the church's population.

In addition, Abedini suggested that some pastors may need to humble themselves before God and repent of this wrongdoing. He said politics and money have become the priority in some churches, and sometimes the pastors themselves have unwittingly become the hindrance to spiritual revival.

In light of this, Abedini called for the walls that divide church members to be taken down to make way for genuine revival. He urged Christians to reach out to the world instead of waiting for the world to enter the church.

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