Perry Noble launches Second Chance Church via Facebook with online sermon

Pastor Perry Noble, who was fired due to alcohol and family woes in 2016 from the NewSpring Church which he founded, has marked the launching of his Second Chance Church with a sermon delivered via Facebook on Dec. 3.

(REUTERS / Eric Thayer)A portrait of the Facebook logo in Ventura, California December 21, 2013.

In a half-hour digital service on Sunday, Noble announced that Second Chance Church would temporarily be online-only but would hopefully have a physical location in Anderson soon. He explained that his new church was still short of funds, but he was praying that God would allow him to establish a physical church to be able to bring people to the Lord, the Anderson Independent Mail detailed.

Perry spoke about the events which transpired after he was ousted from the megachurch he had founded because of his alcohol issues. He said he had struggled with the idea of avoiding ministry, but a friend named Chad had encouraged him to take his second chance with God.

"Second chances are not just for some people, they're for all people," Noble said. "God doesn't send a storm to get us back. God's not trying to get you back. God sends the storm to bring you back."

He added, "Even when we're still running we can experience the grace of God."

In addition, Noble reflected on the story about Jonah reconnecting with God while he was inside the belly of a fish. Like that Biblical character, he recounted how he had wanted to reconnect with the Lord so that corrections could be made in his life since he knew that God could make things right.

The former megachurch pastor's online sermon came just a few weeks after he admitted on Facebook that he was still "unqualified" to establish a new church in light of his past issues. Noble acknowledged that he had fallen short of the standards of a biblical leader that were stipulated in 1 Timothy 3, but he also expressed his willingness to open a church for people who have fallen and need a Second Chance with God, The Gospel Herald reported.

Despite the discouragement he faced because of his fall from grace and his divorce from his wife Lucretia, Perry said he remains dedicated to the local church and will not allow anyone to succeed in making him quit the ministry. He said he thinks God still wants to use an "unqualified" person like him to share the Gospel with other people.