Playstation Plus free games list August 2016 news: "Yakuza 5" to be included?

There is high anticipation for the new set of games that will be available for PlayStation Plus in the upcoming month of August.

One of the most talked-about game for the upcoming month is "Yazuka 5," which was initially expected for the July line-up. Now, recent reports hinted that this title could be joining the list of free games for August.

PlayStation Plus free games for July 2016 banner. | PlayStation

This addition to the line-up came as a surprise as some players in Europe were already able to experience the game for free earlier this month. Players in the said region were reported to have downloaded the game as it appeared on the free list of downloads. Unfortunately, it was immediately taken down from the server. The game, however, did not show in the free list for the North American region; U.S. players did not have to option to download the game as their European counterparts.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of excitement for the game as it is an open-world title that takes place in Japan. In the game, players will get to explore the gang culture of Japan. It will bring players to different locations throughout the game, namely Kin'eicho, Sotenbori, Kamurocho, Tsukimino and Nagasugai.

The game is highly anticipated as the settings bring a similar feel to the real-life places in Japan. With that, players will take on the character of Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series. Because of the game's good reviews, many fans were surprised to hear that it will be included as a free game for next month. 

Meanwhile, there are reports indicating that the upcoming month will also bring the game "Bloodborne" to PlayStation Plus free games for August. In addition, it was said that "NFL 17," "Gran Turismo," "God of War" and "The Evil Within" will also be included in the upcoming month's line-up. These free games are expected to create hype for the upcoming installments of their video-game series. 

These games will surely bring a lot of fun for PlayStation users; however, no confirmed list has been reported yet so these remain as mere speculations for now. 

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