PlayStation Plus September 2016 free games list rumors: What games are included in the September list?

PlayStation Plus subscribers are expecting three games that will be made free for the month of September. Most of the titles that are being expected are AAA games.

Screenshot from the PlayStation Plus August 2016 free games for PlayStation 4 trailer. | YouTube/PlayStation

According to reports, there are no official announcements made yet by Sony for the September list of free games. A lot of PlayStation Plus subscribers are expecting "Watch Dogs" to be part of the list for PlayStation 4 (PS4). The game is about a hacker who utilizes his gadgets in order to finish his objectives. Many fans think that including the game on the list will be a good move for Ubisoft since the sequel is about to come out soon. This will give players, who are unfamiliar with the franchise, a taste of the game before "Watch Dogs 2" come out.

Another PS4 title that is being anticipated is "DOGOS." It is a shooting game that requires tactics and is very fast paced. It offers 14 levels that players have to struggle through, and they will also encounter a lot of minions and bosses.

For, PlayStation 3, the predicted title to come out is "Driver: San Francisco." In this game, the main character has the ability to possess a car and he will be able to control the car and drive it anywhere. The game's concept is out of this world, but players will surely enjoy the title.

The second PlayStation 3 game that is expected to be part of the list of September is "South Park: The Stick of Truth." The game had great reception when it was released, and the fans of the animated series will easily grab this game.

As for the handheld device, PS Vita, gamers are expecting "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" to come out for free. This game offers a lot of humor and up to 150 playable characters from the DC universe. Furthermore, since the release of "LEGO Batman" movie is also near, the free release of the game is a good way to anticipate the film.

These games that were mentioned are yet to be confirmed when Sony announces the official list for PlayStation Plus free games for September.

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