PlayStation Plus November 2016 free games list rumors: VR games included?

"Resident Evil" remastered and "Transformers Devastation" made it to the list of free games for October. | YouTube/PlayStation

With November fast approaching, PlayStation Plus users are looking forward to finding out what new games will be available.

PlayStation Plus account holders are presented with new games monthly, which is why there is always excitement as a new month approaches.

While there has yet to be any news on what games November will present, many believe that the upcoming month will bring exciting fun titles to the mix.

There are rumors that the upcoming month will include some games that are compatible with virtual reality (VR). This is expected because there's a need to hype up the recently released virtual reality support for the PlayStation 4. The decision to include a VR game will not only be good for the VR promotion, but also give players a new kind of gameplay.

Aside from that, many speculations also indicated that November will present some classic PlayStation games. It was teased that "Rayman Legends" and "Knack" could also be available for the upcoming month.

In addition, it was speculated that the month will present some games by Rockstar since it was revealed that a new installment of "Red Dead Redemption" will soon be released. With that, there is a possibility that the first version of "Red Dead Redemption" will be made available to PlayStation Plus users.

Many rumors also stated that "The Evil Within" might also be available for the new season ahead. This will present an exciting, new horror and thrilling game that will surely excite fans of the horror genre.

However, there has yet to be any confirmation on which titles will be available for the upcoming month, but there will surely be some exciting titles dropping in November. Fans can expect to hear more news about the new PlayStation Plus games in the coming days as October will soon conclude.

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