Pope Francis asks Christians to pray for employment opportunities and workers' dignity in October

Pope Francis has asked Christians to pray for employment opportunities and the dignity of workers in their workplaces for the month of October amid the increasing unemployment rate in Europe and other countries.

(REUTERS / Stefano Rellandini)Pope Francis arrives to leads holy mass in Villavicencio, Colombia September 8, 2017.

This month, Pope Francis cautioned Christians of the consequences of unemployment and asked for prayers that job opportunities will be opened to those who need it. The pontiff denounced the lack of work because this situation takes away a person's dignity, Rome Reports explained.

However, there was one instance in Genoa when Pope Francis denounced overworking even if it meant getting a good salary. The pontiff said this practice interferes with having a healthy family life.

"A paradox of our society is that a growing number of people would like to work and fail, and others work too much, and would like to work less, but can't because they've been 'bought' by their companies," said Pope Francis.

In addition, Pope Francis regularly discusses the balance between work and family. He also criticizes the economic model which considers profit rather than the common good as its center.

Last week, Pope Francis talked about man's sinfulness and the need for repentance during his homily at the Casa Santa Marta residence in the Vatican. He said no one can claim to be right because everyone is a sinner, the Vatican Radio reported.

After reading from the Prophet Baruch, Pope Francis said all are sinners because everyone disobeyed what God told them to do. He said one commits sin when he gives in to the "small idolatries of everyday," which includes envy, hate, slander, and cupidity.

While sin stains a man's heart, shame paves the way to receiving God's grace and healing, Pope Francis explained. He then urged everyone to feel ashamed of their sins before the Lord and to humbly ask for God's healing and forgiveness.