Pope Francis' dedicates July prayer intention to Christians who are distant from faith

Pope Francis has dedicated his monthly prayer intention for July to Christians who have distanced themselves from their faith, saying these people need encouragement and words of hope from their fellow believers.

(REUTERS / Stefano Rellandini)Pope Francis waves before delivering his ''Urbi et Orbi'' (to the city and the world) message from the balcony overlooking St. Peter's Square at the Vatican April 16, 2017.

In a video message released along with his monthly prayer intention for July, Pope Francis highlighted the situation of Christians who have drifted away from their faith. The pontiff prayed that these believers may once again find joy in living a Christian life, the Vatican Radio relayed.

"Let us never forget that our joy is Jesus Christ — his faithful and inexhaustible love. When a Christian becomes sad, it means that he has distanced himself from Jesus," Pope Francis said in his video message. "But then we must not leave him alone! We should offer him Christian hope — with our words, yes, but more with our testimony, with our freedom, with our joy."

In an article published on Crosswalk in July 2016, New Orleans-based Christian writer Matt Moore reminded believers that they have the tendency to easily drift away from Jesus Christ. Human nature is one of the main causes of this, as a person's sinful character always threatens to snatch him away from God.

Fortunately, Moore said Christians are not powerless against the pull of their worldly sins because God has empowered them to fight back and resist the enemy that constantly tries to pull them away from the Lord. However, they must also exert an effort to cling tightly; they cannot just sit down and wait for God to stop them from drifting away.

In addition, Moore reminded Christians that the temptation to drift away is present every day. For this reason, the writers of the books in the New Testament repeatedly commanded believers to resist Satan and the world. Hebrews 2:1 urges God's disciples to carefully heed the things taught to them, otherwise, they will just drift away.