Pope Francis: 'Do not pay for the Mass' as salvation, redemption are free

Pope Francis reminds Catholics that they should not pay or donate money to priests, especially those who say Mass during a loved one's funeral. The pontiff emphasizes that this practice is unnecessary since sacrifices and redemption are both free.

(REUTERS/Giampiero Sposito)Pope Francis tells Catholics they shouldn't pay priest to hold Masses for funerals.

Some parishes expect a payment of around $10 dollars for Masses for specific individuals. The pope, however, made it clear he was not in favor of this.

"You do not pay for the Mass," Pope Francis told an audience at the Vatican in his sermon last March 7.

"The Mass is Christ's sacrifice, which is free. Redemption is free," the pope added. "If you want to make an offering, do it, but you do not pay for it!"

Pope Francis also spoke about the eucharistic prayer and its different formulas, which begins with a thanksgiving and proceeds with the acclamation of God's holiness. He also described the consecration, where believers share in the body and blood of Jesus Christ as an act of faith. To understand the formula of the Mass is to learn to imbibe the Eucharist in the lives of Christians.

Pope Francis then listed the three attitudes that believers should always have and practice. He said these were "to give thanks always and everywhere, to make one's life a gift of love and to build communion in the church and with everyone."

In light of this, Pope Francis invited the members of the Catholic Church to observe its annual "24 Hours for the Lord." The highlight of this initiative is the Sacrament of Reconciliation, where dioceses all over the world remain open for 24 hours to hear confessions from both followers and non-believers.

The main purpose of "24 Hours for the Lord" is to encourage those who feel uncomfortable about going to Church to seek and renew a relationship with God. The Pastoral Council released a guide about the initiative on its official site.

The "24 Hours for the Lord" event has been taking place since 2014.